Full Spectrum Modified

POV Camera

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Probably the best GoPro knockoff available, the SJ4000 is a 4K resolution POV camcorder capable of taking photos as well as video in Full Spectrum.

By recording within the invisible waves of light, we can capture that which resides there.

An essential Ghost Hunting tool!


Full Spectrum Modified

POV Camera



  • SJ4000 FS MOD Camera

  • Special IR Light 

  • Chest Harness

  • 100% 4K HD Action Camera: Provides 4K/30FPS, 2.7K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS, 1080P/30FPS and 720P/120FPS Video Resolution. 16MP Image Resolution & 170 Super Wide Angle Lens Delivers Skip-Free HD Video and Accurately Capture Every Epic View And Exciting Moment For You.

  • Comes with a waterproof case and is waterproof up to 30 m. You can take video or photos controlled by an iPad with the connection to the SJCAM app. Also comes with a camera back door that can be interchanged with the waterproof backdoor if you would like better audio but a bit more protection for your camera.

  • Built-In WiFi wireless module: effective distance up to 3-5 meters, apply on your phone or tablet, easily record videos and take photos, upload and share

  • Long Battery Life: This Action Cam comes with

  • 2 rechargeable batteries. Never run out of battery life again! Perfect for Paranormal research. 

  • Genuine SJ4000 AIR is from SJCAM.

Full Spectrum

Light for POV Cameras

by Ghost Light

FS Light Glow Trans.png


The GL7-PRO-MINI-GP-TFS is our 7th Generation True Full Spectrum Light made for Full Spectrum Modified GoPro™ style action cameras. We made the first True Full Spectrum light ever available in 2015. It is very small and light weight. The camera can mount directly to the GP quick-clip mount on top of the light and the light will mount directly to all GP style mounts. A hot shoe / tripod mounting adapter is also included so it can also be used with regular IR capable cameras. It runs on one rechargeable 18650 battery up to 2 hours. There are 3 Output Levels. True Full Spectrum Lights can also be used with normal, unmodified cameras, camcorders, & cell phones. (Camera not included)


- 7th Generation 10th Anniversary Model

- Custom Designed True Full Spectrum LED Array

- Patented Power Boosting Electronics

- Multiple Output Levels

- Customizable Long and Wide Range Illumination Options

- Approximate Effective Range - 150 Feet *

- Requires One 18650 Lithium Battery (Battery not included) **

- Runs Up To 2 Hours (in High Mode) Depending on Batteries **

- GoPro™ Style Cameras Can Mount to Top of Light

- Light Mounts to All GoPro™ Style Mounts

- Removable Hot Shoe / Tripod Mount Included

- Low Profile On-Off Switch

- Custom Military-Grade Impact and Heat Resistant Compact Chassis  - 2.5" X 1.25"

- Hand Made in the USA by Colorado Para-Tech


* Depending on Reflective Surfaces Available

Chest Harness

for POV Cameras

Mount Lights & Cameras



Mount your GoPro or GoPro Clone camera to your chest along with lights. Hands-free, comfortable and versatile. 


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