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Hand Built to Order

Includes Tripod/Handle
Only 2lbs 12oz with tablet!
Add-On Optional CASE
Heavy Duty Case

Due to the High Demand for these cameras:
Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to ship.

SLS Cameras
One Year Warranty* 
Lifetime Service and Repairs*

New, High Quality 10" Tablet

Windows 10 OS

The Gotcha Ghost SLS Camera is the latest incarnation of our famous Ghost Hunting staple.


Completely self-contained, this device uses a NEW, 10" tablet as the viewing medium as opposed to the 8", used or refurbished tablet used by most sellers. A minimum of Windows 10 OS is used as opposed to the old, unreliable Win 8 etc used by cheap builders.

Simply stated, this makes our product superior in that the larger tablet has much longer battery life, can be registered with the manufaturer's warranty, and has a much clearer and larger viewing area.

The new, slim design makes this model lightweight, easy to use, and easy to store.

Complete with a padded box or add on a heavy duty case when you add to cart.


The famous SLS Camera (Structured Light Sensor) that has been used by countless

Ghost Hunters for years now.

It allows Paranormal Researchers to capture paranormal evidence that can't be seen with the naked eye.


Spirit forms are seen as stick figures through the camera's eye and often can be seen responding at 

the request of the Investigator.


The Camera works in complete darkness or total light without the need for any external, specialty lights.

It is completely portable and battery powered and can be used with the included handle or mounted to a monopod or tripod with a swivel.


The Kinect sensor itself works with an infrared (IR) light projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor that shows everything as dots arranged in a 3-D formation. These IR dots allow the camera to show depth and detail.


The software "sees" people by recognizing joints and movement. It will see paranormal entities that the program recognizes as the human shape based on these joints and movements.


The tablet will include a Screen Recorder that will record your sessions directly to the tablet via a micro SD card (not included) up to 64GB. 

But you can also load your own recording program instead of using the one I install.


Check out My YouTube Tutorials!

* One Year Warranty refers to Kinect camera and built unit. It does not apply to the Tablet. A 6 Month Warranty is offered on the tablet against failure.

** After Warranty Service Available may be subject to labor and parts charges. Customer pays for Shipping.

  • A REVERSE PICTURE is normal

  • You can switch main screen views by clicking on VIEWS then SWITCH in the Kinect Explorer main window

"The Kinect software included with this camera is not sold but installed for your use and is free to anyone.

*Microsoft and Kinect are the property and copyright of Microsoft Inc and are not affiliated with Gotcha Ghost."

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