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Unit only as Shown


Unit with Heavy Duty

Hardshell CASE

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Although the IR Night Vision Mode offers built-in IR lighting, you may want to add extra lighting in order to expand your research area and save battery life.

Also, Full Spectrum Mode relies on ambient light or light provided by the Built-In "Fill-In" white light which works great for full spectrum videos and pics!!

You may want to add lighting in the form if IR, Full Spectrum, UV, or a combination of these external light sources.

Records in 20 minute video clips but will record continuously for hours.


64 GB of internal memory

Still Pictures Samples:

Full Spectrum Mode in Daylight (click to expand)

  • FULL SPECTRUM MODIFIED: To capture the invisible waves of light where the spirit world resides! You can use IR, full spectrum or UV lighting to illuminate the investigation field.


  • The Mini camera features a built-in 32GB, 64G,128G memory, there is plenty of space to store all videos captured. With a 2 Inch LCD monitor on which it allows you to instantly view the recorded audio and video files.

  • NIGHT VISION & ULTRA WIDE ANGLE: With high-intensity, infrared LEDs, this camera can capture clear footage with face detection up to 33 feet Away in super low light. With the 170° ultra wide angle, it can capture much more information for the critical scene near by.

  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: With the built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery, it provides 40 hours of standby duration, 18 hours 1080p footage, 20 hours 720p footage, 10000 Image shots, 10+ hours of audio recording on a Full Charge.

  • WATERPROOF & SHOCKPROOF:  Camera with IP67 waterproof rating and solid shockproof materials offers awesome water and shock resistance which is ideal for outdoor use.

  • STORAGE & SAFETY: With Security Guard feature and built-in storage, Body Camera provides continuous recording of footage without any worries. All video, pictures,  and audio can be easily transferred and shared to other devices such as computer via the included USB Cable. 

Specs Subject to Change Without Notice.


Full Spectrum

with IR external light

<<<<<Full Spectrum Mode with IR Light added.

Notice how much better the pictures are in Full Spectrum Mode as opposed to IR Mode.


IR Mode

with Onboard IR LED's


IR Mode

with Onboard IR LED's


Full Spectrum

with IR external light

VIDEO Sample:

Full Spectrum Mode in Darkness w/IR Light

VIDEO Sample:

Full Spectrum Mode in Daylight