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The "J" PORTAL is a lightweight and completely portable version of the Original Portal. Excellent Sounding!

Excellent Results!

Please NOTE: As with all spirit Portals, the use of a sweeping radio (like a P-SB7, etc), shack hack, or smartphone app is required to run the "J" Portal. 

Due to High Demand and Our Current Workload, Please Allow a 2 week Build Time.
Thanks for Your Understanding!


Recommended Apps

Your input source can be a spirit box like the P-SB7, modified radio etc or it can be an app from your phone or other source.

These apps are recommended by Steve Huff:



A totally portable unit. Simply attach your spirit box, shack hack or smartphone app with the Included Cable.

Rechargeable Power Supply operates entire device. Several hours of use.


Product color, design, parts,  and configuration may vary depending on available components.

All specs will remain the same, however and quality is asssured.

What does this device do?

This device is for use with a spirit box, shack hack or smartphone app. It cleans up, enhances and encourages spirit communication (EVP). It helps to eliminate the noise associated with the sweeping radio signal of spirit boxes and enhances them with a gentle reverb effect. It also amplifies the signal and makes EVP sessions much louder so all can hear!

LOTS of excellent results can be viewed on YouTube and Ghost Hunting Group sites!!


Use with Your Spirit Box, Shack Hack or APP!

  • Powerful 10 watt Amplifier (runs on 6 x "AA" batteries, not included)

  • Noise Reducer Unit

  • Reverb Unit

  • Rechargeable Power Supply

  • Complete with all required Cables including cable to connect to the Headphone jack of your spirit radio or phone

  • Handle

Parts, Specifications and Features may change without notice.


Due to high demand for this device, please allow 2-3 weeks before your order ships. These are made to order and some parts can be hard to come by. Your patience is appreciated!


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the experimental nature of this device, we do not accept returns unless defective.


Repairs and Service are performed by Gotcha Ghost.



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