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This camera has been modified to Full Spectrum. This allows the sensor to capture images within the light frequencies that are otherwise invisible to the camera as well as human sight.


A great economy camera modified to "see" in complete darkness with the use of an IR light or the flash. Will also take great full spectrum pics in the light; capturing that which is invisible to the human eye!

Easy to use Point-and-Shoot uses a full sized SD memory card (not included) and two AA batteries.

  • 16 MP

  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Video

Full Spectrum Modified Camera

  • Sample pics shown under IR light in darkness and outdoors in daylight.

    4X Optical Zoom
    27mm Wide Angle;Compatible with PC or Mac
    16 Megapixels;Compatible with PC or Mac
    2.7" LCD Screen
    720p HD Video
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