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Thermal cameras have been used in Paranormal Research to visually detect temperature changes in the environment.


Where once Cold Spots were simply a matter of a personal experiences, the Thermal Camera has shown the researcher visual evidence to back up these claims.

Apparitions and other anomalies have been captured outside of the ambient room temperature and documented with a Thermal Camera.

I decided to offer this Thermal Imaging Camera Set to my loyal customers who are looking for an affordable yet reliable device.

FLIR makes a great Thermal camera but can cost thousands of dollars. The budget Thermal cams on the market have a tiny screen and not much else.

These problems have been solved with my 7" Tablet Thermal Imager.

It includes a high quality 7" Android tablet, Mounting bracket with soft grip handle, a SEEK Thermal Imaging camera that attaches to the front of the unit, and a special extension cable.


Lightweight, and very effective, this unit will allow you to see temperature changes in total darkness or broad daylight.

An essential and now affordable Paranormal Research Tool!!


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