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The Portal

Ghost Hunting Essentials: Why You Need  The Portal

Are you an aspiring or Experienced ghost hunter? If so, you know that there are certain items you need to bring along on your investigations. One of those must-haves is a Portal. But why exactly do you need one? Let’s take a look at what portals are and the benefits they offer to ghost hunters. 

What is a Portal? 


A Portal is essentially a device used to amplify and enhance EVP as captured by electronic means such as a hacked radio, P-SB7 spirit box, and phone apps that either generate a sweeping radio or utilize algorithms that can interact with spirit. A Portal is also a device that will encourage spirit communication by validating your intent to do so. 


Why Do You Need a Portal When Ghost Hunting? 

If capturing EVP and/or communicating directly with spirits is your inverstigation objective, then a Portal will step up this endeavor by offering spirits the basic means of thought transference via RF waves and frequency manipulation.

Not a new concept, the Portal has been a research favorite for decades but known by many names; Frank's Box, Spirit Box, and of late, The Portal to name a few.

If you are  in search of a reliable portal for your next ghost hunt, look no further than Gotcha Ghost Hunting!  Connect with us today and get the right portal for you.  Happy Hauntings!   

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