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Stick Man Camera

Stick Man Camera and Ghost Hunting

For those of us interested in ghost hunting, a stick man camera can be an invaluable tool. A stick man camera is a type of camera that records the movements of ghosts or entities while they are invisible to the human eye. Stick man cameras are becoming increasingly popular among ghost hunters, as they provide a way to capture evidence which can then be used to prove or disprove the presence of ghosts. Let's take a closer look at stick man cameras and how they work. 

How Stick Man Cameras Work 

Stick man cameras are designed to capture video footage of spirits or entities that may be present in an area but not visible to the naked eye. Stick man cameras use infrared light, which is invisible to humans but can be seen by spirits and other entities. When something passes in front of the camera's lens, it will show up on the video footage as a “stick figure”—hence the name. 

Stick man cameras come with motion sensors so that they are activated when something passes in front of them. This allows you to capture any activity going on around your property without having to monitor it constantly. The motion sensors also help conserve battery life since the cameras don't have to be running all the time.     

The Benefits of Using Stick Man Cameras for Ghost Hunting 

Using stick man cameras for ghost hunting has several benefits. For one, it provides evidence that can be used to either prove or disprove the presence of paranormal activity in an area. Without video footage, it can be difficult for skeptics (or anyone else) to believe that a ghostly encounter actually occurred, so having video proof can be invaluable. Additionally, using stick man cameras helps save time and energy; rather than having to monitor an area 24/7 and wait for something unusual to happen, you can set up a few stick man cameras and record whatever happens when you're away from home or asleep at night. 

At Gotcha Ghost Hunters, we use stick man cameras to capture evidence of paranormal activity on a regular basis. We also offer advice and assistance on setting up these cameras in your own home or property. So if you are  looking for the best way to capture ghostly activity, look no further than stick man cameras! 

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