Completely Battery Powered!

Hand Made to Order

The Spirit Portal
What it is and does

My Spirit Portal is different from other devices out there because it uses an installed sweeping radio, custom built by me, and that radio signal travels through a noise reduction device, a reverb device and a powerful amplifier.

Completely ready use right out of the box!

No spirit boxes, shack hacks, or apps to plug in and no wi-fi needed. 

The spirits communicate by using the available radio frequencies (RF) to speak.

Totally battery powered:

A total of 8 "AA" batteries will power the unit for many hours, in any location, at any time of day or night.

Turn it on and the radio begins scanning the FM band. Use the adjustable speed control to raise or lower the rate in which the frequencies scan.

Single Knob Reverb Control

A single control knob adjusts the amount of sound enhancing reverb effect. A PRE-PROGRAMMED reverb according to Steve Huff's specifications.

This effect has shown to help spirit voices to be more clear.

Easy to Use Noise Reducer

The most unique part of the Spirit Portal is that you can reduce as much, or as little, of the radio sweeping noise as you like with a single knob control.


Spirit Portal Device

by Gotcha Ghost


I've taken quite some time to find the correct components and methods to develop this device. 


I am very excited about the results I have achieved. The device appears to encourage spirit communication. Often, intent is 9/10th of success in contacting spirit.


I will make one for you if you wish. They are custom made to order and can take some time to build depending on my workload at a given time.


For this unit, I used an older reproduction radio. I gutted the radio and began figuring out where to put the new components.


Yours will be similar but unique because I am using a variety of used radios. 

Each one will have the Tesla Plasma Disc that reacts to sound and emits negative ions that discourage evil spirits.



Thanks for looking!! -Joe

Designed and Custom made by Joe Campbell at Gotcha Ghost. No two are exactly alike but each one houses the same carefully selected components that are conducive to spirit communication.


The internal electronics create an environment that encourages spirit communication by allowing easy access for thought transference.


I cannot guarantee success in using this device. Caution should be used when attempting any contact with spirit.

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