Discounted, Used and Refurbished Gear

Quantities Limited to Stock on Hand. 90 Day Warranty on All Products.

Kinect SLS "Stick Figure"

3-D Mapping Camera Set with

10" RCA Tablet Windows 10

Perfect working order! These have USED Tablets that have seen better days. Screens are very good and functions as it should. The backs of these tablets are a little sticky and may have scratches.

Comes complete with everything included.

Sony CX240 HandyCam

Modified to Full Spectrum!

OOps! We got sent the wrong camcorders!

Modified to Full Spectrum by us here at Gotcha Ghost!

Capture images in complete darkness* within the realms of spirit activity. Sees what the human eye cannot.

*Requires the use of an external IR or other light source in darkness.

Full Spectrum Modified 

GoPro Hero5 Black

with IR Light

Genuine GoPro Hero5 Black modified to Full Spectrum.

Includes a Mini IR light.


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