Konstantine Raudive was an EVP researcher in the 60's and 70's. He created a simple device that demonstrates the theory that if spirits communicate via electromagnetic forces, then a device that can receive these forces should allow for communication.


A basic crystal radio receiver, implementing a 1N34A Germanium crystal diode completes this unique and old school EVP communication device.


Connected to and housed within a small amplifier helps to amplify the signals received via RF (radio frequency) signals. 


Our basic Raudive GCDR captures signals thought to be that of the spirit realm where research has received intelligent responses to questions asked. Now, this device has been incorporated into an amplifier so that no other gear is needed.


You can also connect the headphone output jack from the amp to a voice recorder or other device.

But using this device with a voice recorder close by is the best way to hear questions from the researcher as well as any captured responses.


An experimental device. Results cannot be guaranteed

Powered Raudive Germanium Crystal Diode Receiver

  • If instant results and gratification are what you're looking for then this device is not for you. True researchers know that real evidence of the paranormal often comes along rarely and is more a matter of patience than what gadget you're using.



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