Now available My NEW Smudge Spray Hydrosol. This hydrosol was created to cleanse yourself and your environment of negative energies from the living and the dead without having to burn anything. A hydrosol is the water collected from stemming herbs together in distilled water for a long period of time. I add 100% proof Vodka as a preservative, so this hydrosol is completely chemical free!  Perfect for your work environment or places that you cannot smudge with smoke like historical locations you may be paranormal investigating.  This hydrosol was made with California White Sage, Sweetgrass, and Flat Leaf Cedar. I add crystal chips for added love and positive vibrations to every bottle as all 3 combined are an aura protection trio. They are clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. There are a few choices for purchase available, you can have them as a set or choose one of my 4 oz bottles or a 2 oz travel-size bottle w/ trigger sprayer. The bottles can be washed and reused as they have charcoal labels for a chalkboard pen.


Complete with Instructions for Use.

Smudge Spray Hydrosol

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