HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY PACK will run your Portal ZT Lunchbox Junior Amplifier for two hours. 3500 mAh at 12 Volts.

COMPACT DESIGN fits just about anywhere.

RECHARGEABLE WITH INCLUDED CHARGER - Simple plug and play charging for hundreds of cycles of use. Includes DC to DC cord to connect from the battery to your ZT Lunchbox Junior Amplifier.

Product Features :
• Reliable 12V DC Output
• 3500 mAh
• Plug and Play
• Includes Charger
• 1 Year Warranty

Rechargeable Power Bank 12 Volts

  • Charging Instructions :
    • Plug AC Charger into wall outlet
    • Connect your charger to your battery with the included cable
    • Set the switch on the Battery to the 'On' position
    • Charging time to full capacity : Approximately 12 hours