The K-II Converted ITC Device has been modified for use in capturing EVP. It is widely believed that the reaction of the K-II meter is indicative of the presence of spiritual energy.  Although there are many factors which may cause the 
K-II to activate, under the right conditions, and with corroborating evidence, spiritual energy has been suspected.

When this energy is present, it is thought that telepathic messages can be relayed as well. If this is the case, then to send this EM energy to a voice recording device would surely produce EVP. The field testing so far has indeed shown this to be true.
We have modified this K-II meter with a simple audio output jack, to be connected to a voice recorder’s mini MIC input jack. We have also included a connecting cable.

This modification will in no way compromise your K-II’s normal operating functions. We have found that walkie-talkie signals will affect the unit so radio silence is important during an EVP session to avoid contamination of your EVP gathering efforts. Strong and constant EMF fields will also cause noise and so your investigation area should be pre-measured for the presence of such contaminating fields.
• Simply connect your K-II at the installed input jack to the MIC input of your voice recorder with a 3.5mm mini audio cable (included)
• Turn the K-II on by depressing the center switch.
• Turn your voice recorder’s Record function on.
• Begin your EVP session.

Modified K-II Meter EVP Helper

  • Includes:
    Converted K-II meter
    3.5mm male to male cable

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