This is 3 lights in 1!!! ...First, it is powerful infrared night vision light with better range for use in total darkness with IR capable cameras. ...Second, it is also a powerful ultraviolet light for use with deep UV and Full Spectrum cameras and camcorders. ...Third, it is a IR+UV combined illuminator to create a long-range wide spectrum beam that works with standard night-vision and full spectrum cameras. The GL7-ADV16-WA IR/UV 10th Anniversary Model combines patented electronics with custom LEDs and a custom vaulted face to provide extra wide angle full spectrum filming technology. There are individual switches for the IR and UV LEDs so you can use only IR and UV independently or both at the same time! It operates with two 9 volt batteries (batteries not included) up 5 hours depending on the quality of batteries used. Now you can get the range and versatility you've been looking for with your IR capable and full spectrum camcorders!




 - Ten Custom High Output 200mW 10mm IR LEDs and Six Extremely Bright Custom UV LEDs and Patented Electronics

 - Custom Vaulted Face to provide Extra Wide Angle Light

 - Standard Camera Shoe & Tripod Mount (Will fit a standard camera hot or cold shoe, flash bracket or tripod)

 - Two Low Profile On/Off Switches to control IR and UV

 - Custom Designed Military-Grade Impact & Heat Resistant Enclosure

 - Compact Size (3.8 inches tall and 2.3 inches wide)

 - Battery Compartment (Protects batteries and Allows Quick Replacement)

 - Operates on two 9-volt battery up to 5 hours and even longer with a Lithium 9-volt (Batteries not included)

 - Approximate Effective Range- 70 feet indoors, about 50 feet outdoors (Depending on reflective surfaces)

 - Powerful Large Long-Range and Wide-Angle Beams

 - Made in the USA by Colorado Para-Tech

IR/UV Wide Angle Combo Light GL7-ADV16-WA IR/UV