Custom Designed 10 Watt IR LEDs Array
- Patented Power Boosting Electronics
- Multiple Output Levels and Optional Strobe Effects
- Customizable Long and Wide Range Illumination Options
- Approximate Effective Range - 150 Feet *
- Requires One18650 Lithium Batteries **
- Runs Up To 2 Hours Depending on Batteries **
- Batteries and Charger Not Included
- GoPro™ Style Cameras Can Mount to Top of Light
- Light Mounts to All GoPro™ Style Mounts
- Removable Hot Shoe / Tripod Mount Included
- Low Profile On-Off Switch
- Custom Impact and Heat Resistant Compact Chassis - 3 X 1.25 "
- Hand Made in the USA by Colorado Para-Tech

* Depending on Reflective Surfaces Available
** See 18650 FAQ for Info on the Proper Batteries

The GL6-PRO-MINI-GP is the newest generation 10 Watt IR Light made for IR capable and Full Spectrum Modified Cameras, camcorders, and GoPro™ style action cameras. It is very small and light weight. A GP style camera can mount directly to the quick-clip mount on top of the light and the light can mount directly to all GP style mounts. A hot shoe / tripod mounting adapter is also included so it can also be used with regular camera shoes and tripods. It runs on one rechargeable 18650 battery up to 2 hours. There are 3 Output Levels and also optional Strobe Effects. You can also choose between Long Range, Wide Range, or a Long/Wide Range Mix. Please specify the Range Option and if you want to add the Strobe Effects when ordering. Option choices are Free! If no options are chosen, the default options are Long & Wide Range Mix and No Strobe effects. (Camera not included)

Infrared (IR) GL6-PRO-MINI-GP - 10 Watt IR