The GL6-PRO-MINI-GP is the newest generation 10 Watt IR Light made for IR capable and Full Spectrum Modified Cameras, camcorders, and GoPro™ style action cameras. It is very small and light weight. A GP style camera can mount directly to the quick-clip mount on top of the light and the light can mount directly to all GP style mounts. A hot shoe / tripod mounting adapter is also included so it can also be used with regular camera shoes and tripods. It runs on one rechargeable 18650 battery up to 2 hours. There are 3 Output Levels. The GL6-PRO-MINI-GP provides unprecidented IR power in the smallest, lightest package you can get.



- Custom Designed 10 Watt IR LED Array

- Patented Power Boosting Electronics

- Multiple Output Levels and Optional Strobe Effects

- Customizable Long and Wide Range Illumination Options

- Approximate Effective Range - 150 Feet *

- Includes Snap-on Diffuser

- Requires One 18650 Lithium Battery (Battery not included) **

- Runs Up To 2 Hours (in High Mode) Depending on Batteries **

- GoPro™ Style Cameras Can Mount to Top of Light

- Light Mounts to All GoPro™ Style Mounts

- Removable Hot Shoe / Tripod Mount Included

- Low Profile On-Off Switch

- Custom Impact and Heat Resistant Compact Chassis  - 3" X 1.25"

- Hand Made in the USA by Colorado Para-Tech


* Depending on Reflective Surfaces Available

** See 18650 FAQ for Info on the Proper Batteries

Go Pro/POV Cam IR Light