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The Spirit Portal

Please NOTE:

The ZT amplifier used to make the Original Spirit Portal has been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

Sourcing an amplifier may take several weeks.

 Original Portal
Steve Huff Designed

  • ZT Amplifier 

  • Noise Reducer pedal

  • TC HOF Reverb effect pedal

  • All Required Cables & Wires

  • A/C Operation (120 - 240 volts)

  • Easy to Operate

  • 12 Volt Rechargeable Power Supply 

  • Steve Huff Designed


The Original    HUFF PORTAL
Complete With:


The Portal is a revolutionary device developed by Steve Huff with guidance from the spirit world.

In its basic form, this device amplifies and enhances input signals from a variety of sources like your sweeping radio and phone apps the are developed for EVP.

But more than that, The Portal actually encourages Spirit communication with its design and intention. Intention, as you may know, is the root of all successful spirit interaction. Stay positive and believe that such interaction will take place when using this device.



The Portal is comprised of an amplifier and at least two pedals that electronically enhance the input signal and allow for the spirits to manipulate the ether to produce intelligible vocal communications.


When I refer to pedals, I am referring to  the small boxes attached to the main amplifier. These boxes are normally used as guitar effect devices but for our needs, they act as electrical pathways for spirit thought transference (STT). 

The Pedals

What does The Portal Do?

The Amplifier

The amplifier is the heart of the whole system. It provides the volume, tone and ambiance. The type of amplifier will affect the overall sound produced. However, we have successfully created smaller Portals with smaller amps that will still provide The Portal experience only on a more economical level. See the Compact and Mini Portal devices.

The Power Source

The Original Portal can be powered using AC household current (wall plug) or the included rechargeable power bank for use when house power is not available. 

The Copper Coil

The Portal comes with a coiled copper "antenna" attached to the ground sleeves of each connector cable. This coil, in Steve Huff's theory, can act as a conduit when held by the user during communication. The human body can act as an "antenna" as the spirits use the body to channel into The Portal via the copper coil.

I have tried this and it really does work!

Due to high demand and scarcity of parts for this device, please allow up to

3-4 weeks before your order ships. These are made to order, Your patience is appreciated!


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the experimental nature of this device, we do not accept returns on Portal devices unless defective.

Repairs and Service are done by Gotcha Ghost.



Quick Facts:
  • The Portal requires an input source; sweeping radio like a shack hack or P-SB7 type device OR a phone/computer APP
  • Can be powered by standard household power or the optional battery/power bank.
  • Actually encourages spirit communication! 

Recommended Apps

Your input source can be a spirit box like the P-SB7, modified radio etc or it can be an app from your phone or other source.

These apps are recommended by Steve Huff:



Recommended Apps
For Use With Portal Devices
Matrix app

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