Why Do We Use Full Spectrum & IR for Paranormal Research?

By directing our cameras/video cams into the invisible light waves, we can, and have, captured that which resides there.

Because spirit energy dwells within the electromagnetic spectrum, we must look within these frequencies in order to catch a glimpse of what we call "ghosts" and other entities.

A very valuable tool for Paranormal Research, this High Definition (HD) camcorder can take still pics and video in Normal Color, Infrared, and Full Spectrum.

The Infrared Light

The OMNI Camcorder SET

  • Full Spectrum

  • Infrared

  • Normal Color


  1. Camcorder

  2. Bracket

  3. IR Light

With FREE Shipping, this is the best deal anywhere!

A Complete Set with a High Quality Infrared (IR) Light, Connecting Bracket and, of course, the OMNI Camcorder!

The Camcorder

  • High Definition Wide angle lens, Card reader and Extra Super Power battery - FHD 1080p regular recording time max up to 220 mins of the enhanced battery, CE,ROHS,FCC,UL listed( free for a limited time), all included.

  • Brand New Camcorder System: Original from the Gotcha Ghost Team tested more than 2000 hours before releasing - Allows for IR mode without using built-in IR LED, directly working with an external Infrared light to get images in complete darkness and double battery life.

  • All new upgraded Lens and Chips - Super Clear FHD 1080P video recording.

  • World‘s only Color, Infrared, and Full Spectrum camcorder. 1080p HD Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor, 3" TFT-LCD touch screen with 270 degree rotation.

  • Built-in High lumens Dual LED Fill Lights and Ultra Bright Infrared light, Built-in high quality microphone, Built-in Wifi for remote viewing on Android / iPhone.

OMNI 3.jpg
  • - Ten Specially Designed High Output 200mW 850nm 10mm Triple Chip LEDs (5 Times the Output of 1-Chip LEDs and 40% More Output than 5-Chip LEDs!)

  •  - Patented Power Boosting Electronics for Maximum Stable Output and Longer Operating Time

  •  - Approximate Effective Range- 70 feet indoors, about 55 feet outdoors (Depending on reflective surfaces)

  •  - Operates on one or two 9-volt batteries up to 6 hours and even longer with Lithium 9-volts (Batteries not included)

  •  - Battery Compartment (Protects Batteries and Allows Quick Replacement)

  •  - Camera Shoe or Tripod Mountable (Will fit a standard camera hot or cold shoe, flash bracket, or Tripod)

  •  - Custom Impact & Heat Resistant Enclosure

  •  - Compact Size (3.8 inches tall and 2.3 inches wide)

  •  - Low Profile On/Off Switch


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