Multi Function Complete 4K Video Camera Set

Our newest addition to our Ghost Hunting Camera arsenal.

This Camcorder can take video and photos in:

  • Full Spectrum

  • Infrared

  • Normal Color

This Awesome Set Includes:

  • 4K Camcorder with 2 Rechargeable Batteries

  • External Microphone

  • Ghost Light IR Light

  • Handle Bracket

  • 32 GB SD Memory Card

  • Wide Angle screw on lens adapter


Components may be substituted and not exactly like the pictures

The Camcorder

  • 32GB SD card, high definition wide angle lens, an extra super power battery (fhd 1080P regular recording time max up to 220 minutes of the extra battery, cu, robs, FCC, UL listed - free for a limited time) All included.

  • Upgraded IPS touchscreen! Sony COMS sensor 24 MP, dual-core smart chip, 4K Ultra HD 30x Digitally enhanced zoom: allows you to get realistic videos and images.

  • Brand new camcorder system: Original from the Gotcha Ghost team tested more than 2000 hours before releasing - allows for IR mode without using built-in IR LED, directly working with an external infrared light to get different experience and double battery using life.

  • Webcam function: camcorder dopts new unzip and restore technology. It's automatically Compresses files when saving files, restores 4K quality when playing. Can be Used as a webcam with UHD 4K resolution, and zoom function is available when doing live.

  • World's only colorful infrared and full spectrum video recording camcorder. Built in Wi-Fi - For remote viewing & download files from camera to mobile phones on Android/ iPhone.(All operation through the app)

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