mODIFIED cAMcorders


All of our modified camcorders are capable of taking Photos.


All modified camcorders require a light source in darkness. IR light is recommended as default.


Infrared (IR) is achieved by using IR filters in front of the lens. Adapter may be required.


Full Spectrum Modified

Digital Camcorder


*SONY and HandyCam are regitered Tradmarks of SONY Pictures 

Gotcha Ghost is NOT affiliated with SONY

In order for a modified camcorder to be effective for ghost hunting, a high speed shutter is needed. Not all camcorders will record with high speed.
This camcorder records in high speed even in normal recording mode. This makes this camcorder great for ghost hunting, UFO spotting and the like.

Full Spectrum vision is important to paranormal research due to the fact that it will capture images that are invisible to the human eye.
This camcorder has been modified to see the full light spectrum from UV to IR and the visible light in between.

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HF R800

Full Spectrum Modified

Digital Camcorder



*Canon and VIXIA are regitered Tradmarks of Canon Corp

and is not affiliated with Gotcha Ghost, LLC

Our Most Popular Camcorder
MIC Input for an external microphone
Video and Still Pictures
Runs on Battery and/or A/C power

Battery or A/C Operation, a Microphone jack so you can use an external microphone (great for EVP), and 16GB of internal memory are just a few of the highlights of this camcorder.

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