Camera Modification Service


If you have an existing camera that you'd like to have converted to Full Spectrum or Infrared, We've got you covered!


  • Competitive Prices

  • Professional Modification by Experienced Technician

  • Several Camera Models Supported

  • Fast Turnaround Time. 

What We Modify

Cameras    Camcorders    GoPro's    DSLR's


Point & Shoot Cameras

Most DSLR Cameras


Most Camcorders


Most GoPro/POV Type Cams


Most Point & Shoot Cameras


General Estimates Only.

For your camera, please email below

Prices do not include return shipping

Modification Options

The Full Spectrum filter (clear, optical grade glass) makes the camera sensitive to UV, visible, and IR light, allowing switching between various external filters (like Infrared) to acheive the desired effect. NOTE: Not all cameras will accept filters. Best for most cameras.


The Standard IR Filter (720nm) 

Infrared wavelengths from near IR (720) up to your camera abilities. Often this is around 1100-1200 nano meters. Blocks all lightwaves from below 720nm. Best for most cameras. 


The Deep Black and White filter (850nm) Transmission begins at 850nm for deep infrared applications. Not recommended for paranormal research.


The Two Spectrum filter (IR + Visible) Makes the camera sensitive to visible and IR light. It works the same way as the full spectrum, while filtering out UV for better color rendition in visible light shooting. This conversion is only available for DSLR cameras.



Not all cameras/camcorders are able to be modified to all services provided.

Simply download the Order Form and Include with your camera. The shipping address is on the form.


  1. Choose the type of file you wish to use (word or pdf)

  2. Select where to save the file

  3. Click save

  4. Open the file and print

  5. Complete all sections (please print legibly)

  6. Remember to include a battery and/or charger with your camera if it takes rechargeable batteries.

  7. Ship your device to me.

Download the Order Form/Instructions

Email for a FREE Estimate (or any questions)

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